CAT-GT Certificate, general translator (CAT level Ⅰ)
This represents a level of competence in translation for the purpose of producing a translated version of non-specialized and specialised information. CAT-GT translators generally underwent professional trainings on translation theory, methodology and skills and achieved required standards in evaluation. CAT-GT tranlators provide professional translation service for clients of various needs.This level was formerly CAT-GI, general Interpreter.
Exam structure
Part A- Written translation: Two passages into and from English (around 400 words per passage, total time: 150 minutes).
Part B- Research essay: research and studies leading to an essay above 3000 words in length. Language: English.
To state clearly what is being discusses, to demonstrate the need to discuss this certain topic, to analyse the possible ways to tackle problem, and to clearly list references.  
Suggested training hours: 60 (minimum)