CAT-SI Certificate, simultaneous interpreter (CAT level Ⅳ)

CAT-SI Certificate holders are conference interpreters who have acquired professional skills in translation and interpretation. It is the advanced professional level and represents the competence to handle complex, technical and sophisticated translation/interpretation. CAT-SIC translators/interpreters handle complex, technical and sophisticated material, compatible with recognized international standards. They may choose to specialize in certain areas. CAT-SIC Interpreters practice both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in diverse situations, including at conferences, high-level negotiations, and court proceedings.

Exam structure

Simultaneous interpretation test: Two parts of simultaneous interpretation test into and from English respectively, 20 minutes each. 10 minutes break between the two parts.

Suggested  training hours: 200 (minimum)

CAT-CI Certificate, consecutive interpreter (CAT level Ⅲ)

This is the professional level and represents the minimum level of competence for conference translating/interpreting. CAT-CI translators/interpreters convey the full meaning of the information from the source language into the target language in appropriate style and register. Translators/interpreters at this level work across a wide range of subjects involving documents with specialized content and dialogues at specialist consultations. They are also capable of interpreting presentations by the consecutive mode. Their specializations may include banking, law, health, and social and community services. CAT-CI certified interpreters can perform conference interpretation tasks, in a consecutive manner.

Exam structure

Consecutive interpretation test: Two parts of listening and interpretation into and from English (20 minutes per part, 3 minutes per chunk).

Suggested training hours: 150 (minimum)

CAT-BI Certificate, Business Interpreter (CAT Level Ⅱ)

This represents a level of competence in conducting interpretations in various business occasions, including but not limited to business escorting, liaison, telephone interpretations, whispered-interpretations. CAT-BI interpreters generally underwent strict interpretation trainings based on large pool of authentic and simulated business situations. CAT-BI interpreters understand goal of business situations and the role and duty of an interpreter in achieving that goal. CAT-BI interpreters can generally undertake most non-conference interpretation tasks.

Exam structure:

Interpretation for a simulated business liaison from and into English for 30 minutes.

Suggested training hours: 80 (minimum)

CAT-GT Certificate, general translator (CAT level Ⅰ)

This represents a level of competence in translation for the purpose of producing a translated version of non-specialized and specialized information. CAT-GT translators generally underwent professional trainings on translation theory, methodology and skills and achieved required standards in evaluation. CAT-GT translators provide professional translation service for clients of various needs. This level was formerly CAT-GI, general Interpreter.

Exam structure

Part A- Written translation: Two passages into and from English (around 400 words per passage, total time: 150 minutes).

Part B- Research essay: research and studies leading to an essay above 3000 words in length. Language: English.


To state clearly what is being discusses, to demonstrate the need to discuss this certain topic, to analyze the possible ways to tackle problem, and to clearly list references.

Suggested training hours: 60 (minimum)

CAT paratranslator (CAT entry level)

A paratranslator is not an independent translator. A paratranslator may have received training on the field knowledge and has obtained certain professional skills but not yet competent to perform tasks alone. A paratranslator may work as assistant for or function under the direct supervision of a licensed translator. CAT paratranslator certificate does not involve exams. Certificates can be granted to those who have received trainings on translation and interpretation related subjects.

Suggested training hours: 48