CAT UK 2015

Cambridge Academy of Translation UK (9419425)
CAT got further upgraded from a limited company to an association, and UK was officially added to the end of the name.

CAT 2012
Cambridge Academy of Translation Limited (SC 429490)
In 2011, CAT board decided to upgrade CAT legal name to Cambridge Academy of Translation Limited, changing TRANSLATORS to TRANSLATON in the name.

CAT 2007
Cambridge Academy of Translators Limited (06419617)
CAT got its new name, Cambridge Academy of Translators Limited, in 2007, when it was officially incorporated as a legal body in UK.

CATI 1960s
Cambridge Association of Translators & Interpreters
CAT history dates back to 1960s, when a group of translation professionals met for regular seminars and forums and resulted in a loose society. CAT was CATI back then, Cambridge Association of Translators and Interpreters.