CAT-DIT, £790, Diploma of Interpreter Trainer

CAT-DTI, £590, Diploma of Translation & Interpretation

CAT-SIC, £200, Simultaneous Interpreter Certificate

CAT-CI, £ 200, Consecutive Interpreter

CAT-BI, £95, Business Interpreter

CAT-GT, £95, General Translator

CAT-Paratranslator, £30

CAT-TESOL, £200,Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

CAT-TEFL, £200,Teaching English as a Foreign Language

CAT-CETS,£100, Cambridge English Testing System

CAT-CIC, £50, Cambridge International Communications

CAT-CPS, £50, Cambridge Public Speakers

Certification fees covers testing and certifying costs. Program fees may vary from country to country, due to training and other services provided. A certificate lost can be re-applied through test centers at £20 per copy.