Cambridge Academy of Translation UK – TESOL Certificate (CAT-UK TESOL)


Cambridge Academy of Translation-Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CAT-UK TESOL) is an international TESOL certification program under the accreditation structure of Cambridge Academy of Translation UK, an independent academic body that is dedicated to building bridges across languages & cultures.

CAT-UK TESOL sets standards and evaluation criteria for international Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages to increase their professionalism through TESOL assessment & certification.

CAT-UK TESOL Certificate is developed by and granted through the TESOL committee under Cambridge Academy of Translation UK, is recognized internationally, and is chartered under the laws of the United Kingdom.

Vision & Value

Based on international standards of excellence in TESOL pedagogy with instructional practices that serve specialized local needs, the CAT-UK TESOL promotes a balance of global and local.  The ideal TESOL educator must be equipped with best practices that are theoretically rich, research-based, and professionally recognized.  At the same time, the most effective TESOL educators are able to adapt to real-life contexts, individualize for multiple learning styles, and scaffold from diverse student backgrounds.

Theory & System

CAT-UK TESOL bases its training structure largely on Bloom’s Higher Order Learning (1956), Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (1983), Krashen’s Comprehensible Input Model (1987), and contemporary research and theory published from international professional associations such as (2018).

Online & Offline

Using a hybrid format, CAT-UK TESOL combines the strengths of both online and offline learning modalities.  The online course allows students to participate from around the world while guaranteeing the same high standards and quality.  As many of our students have full-time professional and personal responsibilities, offline training offers the flexibility to complete the required readings and assignments in their own time.

Special Recognition with TEFL in China

CAT-UK has special recognition with TEFL in China, a certificate program offered by the Foreign Talent Research Center (FTRC) under China’s Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST). TEFL in China is in accordance with CAT TESOL in the vision of sticking to international criteria, serving specialized local needs.

Anyone successfully completing TEFL in China course can go for CAT-TESOL certification by completing the teaching demo and TESOL interview, exempt of CAT-TESOL training course.