10 books on translation theories to read:

        Changing the Terms(Translation in the Postcolonial Era)
        Crosscultural Transgressions 2002
        Method in Translation History
        Scandal of Translation
        The Translator's Invisibility
        20th Century Chinese Translation Theory
        Translation and Power 2002
        Translation in Systems 1999


A longer booklist:

        1 A Manual of Chinese Quotations
  2 Essay On the Principles of Translation
  4 OVID with an Englishtranslation: Tristia, Ex Ponto
  5 Latin Translation at Sight
  6 Translation: an Elizabethan art
  7 A translation of the Kharosthi documents from Chinese Turkestan
  8 THE LIFE OF Edward FitzGerald
  9 The Art of Letters: LU CHI?S “WEN FU,”A.D. 302, A Translation and Comparative Study
  10 On Romanticism and the Art of Translation
  11 The Art of Translation
  12 Aspects of Translation: Studies in Communication 2
  13 On Translation
  14 Across the lines:travel, language, translation
  15 An Introduction to Machine Translation
  16 The Chinese Classics: With a Translation, Critical and Exegetical Notes, Prolegomena, and Copious Indexes
  17 The Craft & Context of Translation
  18 1961 International Conference on Machine Translation of Languages and Applied Language Analysis, Proceedings of the conference held at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, Middleses, on 5th, 6th and 8th September, VolumeII
  19 A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics
  20 Helps For Translators Volume VII, Bible Translations for Popular Use
  21 The Translation of CultureEssays to E.E.EvansPritchard
  22 Translating
  23 Mirror on Mirror: Translation, Imitation, Parody
  24 Dictionary for the Analysis of Literary Translation
  25 Literature and Translation : New Perspectives in Literary Studies with a Basis Bibliography of Books on Translation Studies
  26 The Translation of Art—Essays on Chinese Painting and Poetry
  27 Scientific and Technical Translation
  28 The Art and Profession of Translation: Proceedings of The Asia Foundation Conference on Chinese?English Translation
  29 Adam?s Dream: A Preface to Translation
  30 The Linguistic Basis of Logic Translation
  31 In Search of A Theory of Translation
  32 The Languages of Theatre: Problems in the Translation and Transposition of Drama
  33 A Model for Translation Quality Assessment
  35 Meaning Across Cultures
  36 Principles and problems of translation in seventeenth?century England
  37 The Third Language: Recurrent Problems of Translation into English
  38 Translation Spectrum: Essays in Theory and Practice
  39 BHAGAVADG?T?NUV?DA: a study in transcultural translation
  40 The Science of Translation: Problems and Methods
  41 The theory and practice of translation
  42 Translating Meaning
  43 Better TranslationFor Better Communication ( A survey of the translationmarket, present and future, prepared for the commission of the European Communities, DirectorateGeneral Information Market and Innovation)
  44 Style and Discourse
  45 Bridging the Language Solitudes: Growth and Development of the Translation Bureau of the Government of Canada 193484
  46 Meaning?based TranslationA Guide to Cross?Language Equivalence
  48 The Art of Translation, Kornei Chukovsky?s A High Art
  49 The Translator?s Handbook ( with special reference to translation from French and Spanish)
  50 Training Translators and Conference Interpreters
  51 Translation: Literary, Linguistic, and Philosophical Perspectives
  52 Difference in Translation
  53 Second Hand: Papers on the Theory and Historical Study of Literary Translation
  54 Text and Translation
  55 The Ear of The Other: Otobiography, Transference, Translation: texts anddiscussions with Jacques Derrida
  56 The Manipulation of Literature: Studies in Literary Translation
  57 Translation and Communication: Translating and the Computer 6:proceedings of a conference jointly sponsored by Aslib, the Association for Information Management, the Aslib Technical Translation Group, the Translators? Guild
  58 Translation in Foreign Language Teaching and Testing
  59 Interlingual and intercultural communication: discourse and cognition in translation and second language acquisition studies
  60 MachineTranslation: Past, Present, Future
  61 Translation Determined
  62 Word Expert Semantics: an Interlingual Knowledge?Based Approach
  63 Beppe Fenoglio and English Literature: A Study of the Writer as Translator
  64 Computer translation of natural language
  65 Machine Translation: Theoretical and Methodological Issues
  66 Machine translation today : The state of the art (Proceeding s of the third Luganotutorial Lugano, Switzerland 27 April1984)
  67 Principles of Chinese Bible Translation
  68 Translating and the Computer 8, A Profession on the Move
  69 Translation and Lexicography
  70 Translation Excellence: Assessment, Achievement, Maintenance
  71 Translation in the Modern Languages Degree
  72 A Textbook of Translation
  73 Essays on Translation
  75 Machine translation systems
  76 Mapping Literature: The Art and Politics of Translation
  77 Text Coherence in Translation
  78 The Science of Linguistics in the Art of Translation: Some Tools from Linguistics for the Analysis and Practice of Translation
  79 Translation StudiesAn Integrated Approach
  80 Translation Theory in Scandinavia: Proceedings from SSOTT III, University of Oslo
  81 Creativity of Translators: The Translation of Metaphorical Expressions in Nonliterary Texts
  82 Interpretation: Language and Translation from Cicero to Tytler
  83 Lu Xun as a Translator
  84 Machine TranslationHow Far Can It Go?
  85 Machine Translation Summit
  86 Miraculous Retribution: A Study and Translation of T?ang Lin?s Mingpao chi
  87 Readings in Translation Theory
  88 The Art of Translation
  90 Translation and the Nature of Philosophy: A New Theory of Words
  91 Bible Translation and the Spread of the Church
  92 Bridging the Gap: African Traditional Religion and Bible Translation
  93 Hermeneutics and the Poetic Motion: Translation Perspectives V
  94 Justice as Translation: An Essay in Cultural and Legal Criticism
  95 Translation, History and Culture
  96 About Translation
  97 Empirical Research in Translation and Intercultural Studies: selected papers of the TRANSIF Seminar, Savonlinna 1988
  98 Redefining translation : the variational approach
  99 Rhetoric, hermeneutics, and translation in the Middle Ages: academic traditions and vernacular texts
  100 Text Analysis in Translation: Theory, Methodology, and Didactic Application of a Model for Translation?Oriented Text Analysis
  101 The Poetics of Imperialism: Translation and Colonization from The Tempest to Tarzan
  102 The Translator?s Turn
  103 Towards high?precision machine translation : based on contrastive textology
  104 Translation and Relevance: Cognition and Context
  105 Translation and Translating: Theory and Practice
  106 Translation Performance,Translation Process and Translation Strategies
  107 Two Worlds, One Art: Literary Translation in Russia and America
  108 Computers in Translation: A practical appraisal
  109 In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation
  110 Introduction to Spanish Translation
  111 Oppositional Voices: Women as Writers and Translators of Literature in the English Renaissance
  112 Rethinking Translation: Discourse, Subjectivity, Ideology
  113 Sitting Translation
  114 Teaching Translation and InterpretingTraining, Talent and Experience
  115 The Experience of the Foreign: Culture and Translation in Romantic Germany
  116 Theories of Translation: An Anthology of Essays from Dryden to Derrida
  117 Translating Literature: Practice and Theory in a Comparative Literature Context
  118 Translation and text transfer: an essay on theprinciples of intercultural communication
  119 Translation as text
  120 Translation East and West: A Cross?Cultural Approach
  121 Translation/History/Culture: A Sourcebook
  122 Translation, Rewriting and the Manipulation of Literary Fame
  123 A Bibliography of Pedagogy & Research in Interpretation & Translation
  124 Contemporary Translation Theories
  125 Epistemological Problems in Translation and its Teaching: A Seminar for thinking Students
  126 Paragraphs on translation
  127 The Art of Literary Translation
  128 The Poetics of Translation: History, Theory, Practice
  129 The Poetry and Poetics of Nishiwaki Junzaburo
  130 There?s a Double Tongue: An investigation into the translation of Shakespeare?s wordplay, with special reference to Hamlet
  131 Translation and Knowledge: SSOTT IV: Scandinavian Symposium on Translation Theory
  132 Translation as Social Action
  133 Translation theory and practice: reassembling the tower
  134 Bridgingthe Gap: Empiricalresearch in simultaneous interpretation
  135 Compositional Translation
  136 Explorations in Automatic Thesaurus Discovery
  137 Language,discourse and translation
  138 Language Engineering and Translation—Consequences of Automation
  139 Professional Issues for Translators and Interpreters
  140 Speech?to?speech translation: a massively parallel memory?based approach
  141 Teaching Translation and Interpreting 2
  142 Translated! Papers on Literary Translation and Translation Studies
  143 Translation and interpreting: Bridging East and West: Selected Conference Papers (Volume 8)
  144 Translation Studies: An Interdiscipline
  145 Translator?s Workbench: Tools and Terminology for Translation and Text Processing
  146 Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator Training
  147 Between Language andCultures: translation andcross?cultural texts
  148 Beyond Translation: Essays toward a Modern Philology
  149 Buddhist Translations, Problems and Perspectives
  150 Comparative Stylistics of French and English, A Methodology for Translation
  151 Cultural Functions of Translation
  152 Culture in Transit: Translating theLiterature of Quebec
  153 Descriptive Translation Studies and Beyond
  154 Discourse and Ideologies
  155 Machine translation and the lexicon: third International EAMT Workshop, Heidelberg, Germany, April 2628, 1993
  156 Nagarjuna in China : A Translation of the Middle Treatise
  157 The Oxford Book of Classical Verse in Translation
  158 THE POSSIBILITY OF LANGUAGE: a discussion of the nature of language, with implications for human and machine translation
  159 The Practice of Court Interpreting
  160 The Translator?s Invisibility: a History of Translation
  161 Thinking Spanish translation: a course in translation method: Spanish to English
  162 Training the Translator
  163 Translating Chinese Literature
  164 Translationand the Law, AmericanTranslators Association Series, ScholarlyMonograph Series , Volume VIII 1995
  166 Translators Through History
  167 A Bookseller?s HobbyHorse, and the Rhetoric of Translation: Anthony Ernst Munnikhuisen and Bernardus Brunius, and the First Duch edition of ‘Tristram Shandy’(17761779)
  168 A Skopos Theory of Translation (Some Arguments For and Against)
  169 Dorotheus and his Digest translation
  170 Gender in Translation: Cultural Identity and the Politics of Translation
  171 Interpretation and the Language of Translation: Creativity and Conventions in Translation
  172 Knowledge and Skills in Translator Behavior
  173 Stages of Translation
  174 Teaching Translation and Interpreting 3: New Horizons: Papers from the Third Language International Conference, Dollerup, Cay and Vibeke AppelLatin
  175 Teaching translation in Universities present and future perspectives
  176 Terminology, LSP, and Translation: studies in language engineering in honour of Juan C. Sager
  177 The Translatability of Cultures: Figurations of the Space Between
  178 Translation and Taboo
  179 Translation, Power, Subversion
  180 Translation Studies in a New Perspective
  181 Translating the Message, The Missionary Impact on Culture
  182 Words, Words, Words: The Translator and the Language Learner
  183 Becoming a Translator
  184 Cognitive processes in translation and interpreting
  185 Communication across Cultures: Translation Theory and Contrastive Text Linguistics
  186 Conference Interpreting: Current Trends in Research—Proceedings of the International Conference on Interpreting: WHAT DO WE KNOW AND HOW? (Turku, August 2527, 1994)
  187 Future and Communication: the role of scientific and technical communication and translation in technology development and transfer
  188 Memes of Translation: The Spread of Ideas in Translation Theory
  189 New Approach to Legal Translation
  190 Text Typology and Translation
  191 The Art of Translation
  192 The critical link: interpreters in the community: papers from the First International Conference on Interpreting in Legal, Health, and Social Service Set tings (Geneva Park, Canada, June 14, 1995)
  193 The Karaite Tradition of Arabic Bible Translation
  194 The Translator?s dialogue: Giovanni Pontiero
  195 Translating as a Purposeful Activity : Functionalist Approaches Explained
  196 Translating Literature
  197 Translating Sensitive Texts: Linguistic Aspects
  198 Translation and Empire: Postcolonial Theories Explained
  199 Translation and Language : Linguistic Theories Explained
  200 Translation and Literary Criticism: Translation as Analysis
  201 Translation and GenderTranslating in the ‘Era of Feminism’
  202 Translation and Interpreting Schools
  203 Translation and Subjectivity: on Japan and cultural nationalism
  204 Translation as Intercultural Communication, selected papers from the EST congress Prague 1995
  205 Translation quality assessment: a model revisited
  206 Western Translation Theory: from Herodotus to Nietzsche
  207 What Is Translation? Centrifugal Theories, Critical Interventions
  208 A Practical Guide for Translators(third edition)
  209 After BabelAspects of Language and Translation (Third Edition)
  210 Bibliography of Translation Studies, First Edition
  211 Breaking Down the Language Barrier
  212 Conference Interpreting Explained
  213 Contrastive Functional Analysis
  214 Four Translation Strategies Determined by the Particular Needs of the Receptor: Translation Theory Backwards
  215 Greek Thought, Arabic Culture: The Graeco?Arabic Translation Movement in Baghdad and Early ′Abbāsid Society
  216 Investigating Translation: Selected Papers From the 4th International Congress on Translation, Barcelona
  217 Machine Translation and the Information Soup
  218 Method in Translation History
  220 Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies
  221 Selected Essays on Poetry & Translation
  222 The Practice of Literary Translation: Constraints and Creativity
  223 The Scandals of Translation: Towards an Ethics of Difference
  224 Translation: An Interpretive Approach
  225 Translation into the Second Language
  226 Translation & Language Teaching
  227 Translation and Minority (Special Issue, The Translator)
  228 Translators? Strategies and Creativity
  229 Unity in Diversity? Current Trends in Translation Studies
  230 Bibliography of Translation Studies, Second Edition
  231 Dictionary of Translation Studies
  232 Incremental Speech Translation
  233 Literary Translation
  234 Postcolonial Transition ,Theory and Practice
  235 Reading Rilke: Reflection on the Problem of Translation
  236 Simultaneous InterpretationA Cognitive?Pragmatic Analysis
  237 Tales and translation: the Grimm tales from pan?Germanic narratives to shared international fa
  238 Terminologie de la traduction / Translation Terminology/Terminologia de la Traduccion/Terminolgie der Ubersetzung
  239 The Translator?s Handbook
  240 Tokens of Exchange, the Problem of Translation in Global Circulations
  241 Translating Cultures
  242 Translation and Interpreting in the 20th Century
  243 Translation and Norms
  244 Translation and the (Re)Location of Meaning: Selected Papers of the CELTRA Research Seminars in Translation Studies 1994—1996
  245 Translation in Systems
  246 Translation of Poetry and Poetic Prose: Proceedings of Nobel Symposium 110
  247 Word, Text, Translation: liber amicorum for Peter Newmark
  248 A Social Constructivist Approach to Translation Education: Empowerment from Theory to Practice
  249 Aristotle in China: Language, Categories and Translation
  250 Beyond the Western Tradition Translation Perspectives XI 2000
  251 Changing the Terms: Translating in the Postcolonial Era
  252 Church, Monarch, and Bible in Sixteenth Century England : the Political Context of Biblical Translation
  253 Developing Translation Competence
  254 Early Years in Machine Translation: Memoirs and Biographies of Pioneers
  255 English?Spanish Translation,Through A Cross?Cultural Interpretation Approach
  256 Envisioning machine translation in the information future, Association for Machine Translation in the Americas Conference(4th :2000 :Cuernavaca, Mexico)
  257 Evaluation and Translation (Special Issue)
  258 From World to World: An Armamentarium For The Study of Poetic Discourse In Translation
  259 Intercultural Faultlines- Research Models in Translation Studies Ⅰ: Textual and Cognitive Aspects
  260 Language Processing and Simultaneous Interpreting
  261 Language, text, and knowledge: mental models of expert communication
  262 Negotiating the Frontier: Translators and Intercultures in Hispanic History
  263 Parallel Text Processing: Alignment and Use of Translation Corpora
  264 Science in Translation: movements of knowledge through cultures and time
  265 Tapping and Mapping the Processes of Translation and Interpreting Outlooks on Empirical Research
  266 Thinking Italian TranslationA Course in Translation Method: Italian to English
  267 The Translation Studies Reader
  268 Time?Sharing on Stage —Drama Translation in Theatre and Society
  269 Translation Criticism
  270 Translation in context: selected contribution from theEST Congress, Granada
  271 Translation in the Global Village
  272 Verbmobil: Foundations of Speech?to?Speech Translation
  273 Annotated Texts for Translation: English?German: Functionalist Approaches Illustrated
  274 Approaches to Translation
  275 Bibliography of Translation Studies, Fourth Edition
  276 Contemporary Translation Theories,revised second edition
  277 Deconstruction and Translation
  278 Discourse and the Translator
  279 Disturbing Strangeness: Foreignisation and domestication in translation procedures in the context of cultural asymmetry
  280 Electronic Tools for Translators
  281 Experiences in Translation
  282 Exploring translation and multilingual text production: beyond content
  283 Indeterminacy of Translation
  284 Introducing Translation Studies (Theories and applications)
  285 Language and Culture: Context in Translation
  286 Lexis and Creativity in Translation—A Corpus?based Study
  287 Lives in Two Languages: An Exploration of Identity and Culture
  288 Pathways of Translation Studies
  289 Revising and Editing for Translators
  290 Teaching and Researching Translation
  291 The interpreter?s resource
  292 The Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation
  293 The politics of translation in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  294 The Pragmatics of Translation
  295 Thinking Through Translation
  296 Translation and Nation: Towards a Culture Politics of Englishness
  297 Translation and Textuality: A Case Study of English?Korean Translation
  298 Who Translates? Translator Subjectivities Beyond Reason
  299 Byzantium?Rus?Russia: Studies in the translation of Christian culture
  300 Can Theory Help Translators? A Dialogue Between the Ivory Tower and the Wordface
  301 Changing Philologies: Contributions to the Redefinition of Foreign Language Studies in the Age of Globalisation
  302 Computer?aided translation technology: a practical introduction
  303 Crosscultural Transgressions: Research Models in Translation Studies II: Historical and Ideological Issues
  304 Cultural Studies Interdisciplinarity and Translation
  305 Explanatory Translation
  306 Interpreting in the 21st Century: Challenges and opportunities: Selected papers from the 1st ForlConference on Interpreting Studies, 911 November 2000
  307 Language Processing in Discourse A key to felicitous translation
  308 Nonverbal Communication across Disciplines:Volume III: Narrative literature, theater, cinema, translation
  309 On translation
  310 Teaching translation and interpreting 4: building bridges
  311 The Art of War: the Denma translation/Sun Tzu, Translation, Essays and Commentary
  312 The Culture of Translation in Anglo?Saxon England
  313 The Map — A Beginner?s Guide to Doing Research in Translation Studies
  314 Thinking French Translation: A Course in Translation Method: French to English(Second Edition)
  315 Translating for the European Union Institutions
  316 Translation and Power
  317 Translation Studies (Third edition)
  318 Translation Studies: Perspectives on an Emerging Disciplined
  319 Translation, Text and Theory, The Paradigm of India
  320 Translation Theory in the Age of Louis XIV: The 1683 De optimo genere interpretandi (On the best kind of translating) of PierreDaniel Huet (16301721)
  321 Translation?mediated Communication in a Digital World: Facing the Challenges of Globalization and Localization
  322 Translator Self?Training (Chinese)Practical Course in Technical Translation
  323 Transpacific Displacement: Ethnography, Translation, and Intertextual Travel in Twentieth?Century American Literature
  324 Apropos of ideology : translation studies on ideology ideologies in translation studies
  325 Beyond the Ivory Tower: Rethinking translation pedagogy (American translators association scholarly monograph Series, Volume XII 2003)
  326“Borrowed Plumage” Polemical Essays on Translation
  327 Computers and Translation: A translator?s guide
  328 Corpora in Translation Education
  329 Corpus?based Approaches to Contrastive Linguistics and Translation Studies
  330 Cross?Linguistic Variation in System and Text: A Methodology for the Investigation of Translations and Comparable Texts
  331 Crossing Barriers and Bridging Cultures: The Challenges of Multilingual Translation for the European Union
  332 One into Many: Translation and the Dissemination of Classical Chinese Literature
  333 Performative Linguistics: Speaking and translating as doing things with words
  334 Recent Advances in Example?Based Machine Translation
  335 The Bible through Metaphor and Translation
  336 The Critical Link 3 Interpreters in the Community, selected papers from the Third International Conference on Interpreting in Legal, Health and Social Service Settings, Mointréal, Québec, Canada 2226 May 2001
  337 Translating Cultures: Perspectives on Translation and Anthropology
  338 Translating Official Documents
  339 Translation and ethnography: the anthropological challenge of intercultural understanding
  340 Translation and Globalization
  341 Translation Teaching, from Research to the Classroom: a handbook for teachers
  342 Translation Today: Trends and Perspectives
  343 Triangulating translation: perspectives in process oriented research
  344 A Practical Guide for Translators(Fourth Revised Edition)
  345 Building Coherence and Cohesion: Task?oriented dialogue in English and Spanish
  346 Claims, changes and challenges in translation studies: selected contributions from the EST Congress, Copenhagen 2001
  347 Creative Writing: translation, bookkeeping, and the work of imagination in colonial Kenya
  348 Drama Translation and Theatre Practice
  349 Fundamental Aspects of Interpreter Education
  350 Globalization and Cultural Translation
  351 Inference and Anticipation in Simultaneous Interpreting: A probabilityprediction model
  352 Introducing Corpora in Translation Studies
  353 Introducing interpreting studies
  354 Joyful Babel: Translating H l ne Cixous
  355 Machine Translation: From Real Users to Research
  356 Multiple Voices in the Translation ClassroomActivities, tasks and projects
  357 Revisiting the Interpreter?s Role: A Study of conference, court, and medical interpreters in Canada, Mexico, and the United States
  358 Shakespeare and Canada: Essays on Production, Translation, and Adaptation
  359 Shakespeare, Reception and Translation, Germany and Japan
  360 Shakespeare's History Plays: Performance, Translation and Adaptation in Britain and Abroad
  361 The Discourse of Court Interpreting: Discourse practice of the law, the witness and the interpreter
  362 The Missing Link: Evolution, Reality, and the Translation Paradigm
  363 The Moving Text: Localization, translation, and distribution
  364 Translating the heavens : Aratus, Germanicus, and the poetics of Latin translation
  365 Translation: An advanced resource book
  366 Translation and Corpora, Selected Papers from the G?teborgOslo Symposium 1819 October 2003
  367 Translation in the Renaissance: The Theory and Practice of Leonardo Bruni, Giannozzo Manetti and Desiderius Erasmus
  368 Translation Research and Interpreting Research: Traditions, Gaps and Synergies
  369 Translation quality assessment: an argumentation?centred approach
  370 Translation-based Corpus Studies: Contrasting English and Portuguese tense and aspect systems
  371 Twentieth-Century Chinese Translation Theory: Modes, Issues and Debates
  372 A layered declarative approach to ontology translation with knowledge preservation
  373 Challenging the Traditional Axioms: Translation into a Non?mother Tongue
  374 Foreign Words: TranslatorAuthors in the Age of Goethe
  375 Gender, Sex and Translation: the Manipulation of Identities
  376 Identity and Difference: Translation Shaping Culture
  377 In Translation Reflections, Refractions, Transformations
  378 Interpretation: Techniques and Exercises
  379 Less Translated Languages
  380 Linguistics and the Language of Translation
  381 Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation
  382 New Tendencies in Translation Studies—Selected Papers from a Workshop G?teborg 12 December 2003
  383 On the relationships between translation theory and translation practice
  384 Text Analysis in Translation: Theory, Methodology, and Didactic Application of a Model for Translation?Oriented Text Analysis (Second Edition)
  385 The Enlightenment Bible
  386 The Italian Encounter With Tudor England: A Cultural Politics Translation
  387 The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English—Volume 3 (16601790)
  388 Training for the New Millennium: Pedagogies for translation and interpreting
  389 Translating Tolkien : philological elements in the Lord of the Rings
  390 Translation and cultural change : studies in history, norms and image projection
  391 Translation and Religion: Holy Untranslatable
  392 Translation in undergraduate degree programmes
  393 Translation, Linguistics, Culture: A French?English Handbook
  394 The Translation Zone
  395 Translation and Conflict: A Narrative Account
  396 Tudor Translation in Theory and Practice